What is design?  Some say its how something looks, what color it is, how it is shaped, what the texture feels like, or simply form.  While those things hold true, I believe that design is more about how something makes you feel, and those other things are attributes to compliment the real heart of design.

Like all great music, wine, and relationships, successful design is a complex process that takes time to develop.  This process involves taking the client's unrealized dreams - things imagined, fleeting ideas, bits and pieces torn from magazines, and turning these ingredients into something unique.  The design process involves the trust that develops when the client understands that the designer brings those unique attributes needed to turn dreams into realities.

I enjoy the simple pleasures of life that we all share: time with family and friends, cooking, music, the outdoors, the arts, the ability to come home from a long day and slump into that favorite chair to relax and not be slave to a schedule - just to relax and be.

From the first meeting between client and designer, through the first strokes on a sketchpad, to the moment when the last piece of art is hanging on the wall, the process is worth it.  It's all there, and it all works together, and the effect will endure.

My desire is to work with my client on this journey of discovery.  The realization of one's dreams is a grand adventure.  It will be worth it.